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Aviation Solutions International, LLC (ASI) is a specialized international team of accomplished professionals with years of experience in all facets of the aviation industry.


Max Basler

Max Basler has worked as an architect and planner for multiple Swiss and international projects. He has been in the industry for over 30-years, most notably as the master planning lead for Zurich International Airport where he planned, prepared and coordinated the various development steps. His strengths are in concept compilation and creative solutions for urban development.

Jacques Greitemann

Jacques Greitemann’s expertise in the field of finance has been invaluable to the aviation industry in the Netherlands and around the world. Jacques served as Managing Director of Schiphol International from 2004 to 2009 and was responsible for the management of foreign participations and acquisition of airports. He is currently the Owner and Managing Director of YOU®SOLUTION, an infrastructure consultancy firm.

Andreas Heiter

Andreas Heiter spent nearly 2 decades working as an Air Traffic Controller. During this period he also coached and instructed future controllers and served as President of the Air Traffic Controllers Association of Zurich. In 1990, Andreas was named Chief of Tower & Approach at Zurich International Airport and Deputy Chief of Zurich Regional ATC. He designed and implemented most of the procedures of today’s Zurich Airport operations.

Erik W. Huizinga

In 1979, Erik started his own small charter company in the Caribbean, continued his management and consultancy skills as Managing Director of Martinair Holland’s Flight Training Centre. In 1986, he started a broadcast and industrial AV production company, focused on aviation-related documentaries, corporate films and interactive Web-based training, specifically accredited and certified post-academic courses.

Werner Schaub

Werner Schaub began his career at Swissair in 1967 and circled the globe as Station Manager in Monrovia, Bangkok, Cairo, Chicago and New York. He returned to his native Switzerland as Head of Security for Swissair in 1995 and continued on in that position for SWISS International Air Lines through 2007. Most recently, Werner worked as Head of Security for PrivatAir.


Chhattar Singh Tomar

Chhattar Singh Tomar (C.S. Tomar) has been an engineer in India’s aviation industry since 1980 when he began working for Indian Airlines. In 1996, he joined Jet Airways, which was still in its infancy, and rose to the dual positions of Vice President, Engineering & Maintenance and Chief of Flight Safety. He is a lifetime member of the Aeronautical Society of India.


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