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Aviation Solutions International, LLC (ASI) is a specialized international team of accomplished professionals with years of experience in all facets of the aviation industry.

About Us

Aviation Solutions International, LLC (ASI) is a consulting firm comprised of airline and airport executives with extensive industry knowledge. Their collected areas of expertise cover the gamut of the aviation industry, with specific fields of responsibility in the following:

  • Planning of aircraft and passenger handling facilities. This would include terminals, arrival & departure facilities, check-in areas, waiting areas, concession requirements, auxiliary services, immigration & customs facilities, aprons, cargo warehousing, mail facilities, flight kitchen, line maintenance and fueling facilities.
  • Development of Airport Master Plan.
  • Implementing standards required by ICAO, IATA and TSA.
  • Forecasting of future requirements based on economic outlook.
  • Quality and performance analysis of airport operators and related services.
  • Analysis and evaluation of management, organizational structures and staffing.
  • Managing and coaching of airport projects.
  • Developing training and educational concepts for the aviation industry, with an emphasis on repair of components, avionics and general airplane maintenance.
  • Developing training centers of excellence for the industry – predominantly in India.
  • Building and developing industry consortiums in support of the industry.
  • Designing special e-learning programs for the airlines, as well as related educational centers.
  • Access to many different specialists in the aviation industry.

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